Thursday, 26 February 2015

Stop getting your knickers in a knot

Are you drained, does your head hurt? Overthinking things? Is there a pill we can take for that?
Reflection is marvellous and so important for professional growth but then sometimes it enters into some dark place of our being where it begins to fester and turn on itself.
Self-doubt and questioning your own understandings, weighing up the sides constantly, justifying what you do, criticising what others do without even knowing the dynamics that shapes their rational can take over your waking hours.
Settle petals; take a chill pill.
One day at a time.

Get to know yourself first; what drives you to do what you do especially before critiquing others. Research for yourself, don't rely on others to plant their seeds; grow your own tree.
Yes by all means we should question what we see, read or hear, but with an open mind and for what it is. Don't dissect it with all ferociousness of a rabid dog as most likely you are not privy as to why it has come to be in the first place.
One of the most important aspects of reflection is everything you witness has the potential for good. So what if you do not like something or it doesn't sit within your ideology at least it has provided you with the opportunity to revisit your own philosophy and clarify why you think the way you do. 
So stop getting your knickers in a knot when you see or read something that you personally disagree with.
 Aren't you exhausted?

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