Thursday, 12 February 2015

Little boxes

  Our mailman is held in complete awe.
Yesterday when he arrived with a parcel it sent the children into a frenzy of anticipation. With all hands on deck the parcel was ripped open to reveal many treasures. One such treasure arrived just at the right time: coloured transparent mosaic tiles. Of course they were opened straight away. Hands were diving in the container pulling them up and the children laughed as they spilt out onto the table.

Today the children and I were eager to explore the shapes potential a bit more. What could we possible use them for? 
'Ding ding' an idea; explore patterns and sequence using the nail board.
Using a ball of wool we sectioned the board into ' little boxes'
A touch of impatience was evident as the children waited and waited for the squares to be roped off so we filled this time in by counting how many squares were already done. 

At last it was finished.

There was no prompting, suggestions or examples needed. The children already had their own ideas on what they wanted to do.
Patterns were made, colours were grouped, sequences constructed and then a child stood up with hands on hips as if she'd had an aspiration.....
"We have to cover the whole thing with red. It's going to be like a red show; we are putting on a red show today and it's going to take a long time till we have a rest but together we can do
it" flowed the knowing words of a
four year old.  Then without a second thought the children dug into the bowl to find all the red tiles. "Your doing great" Miss Four reassured Miss Two and before long all the little boxes were red.
To say the children loved this activity is an understatement. They were so excited to share their 'red show' with their parents at pickup time.
The activity was then enjoyed by a parent who sat on the floor with her child and changed the red to green.
It was a great day.
Learning Possibilities: Mathematical concepts such as sorting, matching and grouping: Colour recognition: Scientific discovery-transparency; Opportunity to make decisions and decide on the direction the experience will take:  Socialisation including collaboration, negotiation, consideration, co-operation and conversation: Exploring vocabulary and learning new words: Opportunity to share achievements.


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