The Puzzles Philosophy
Over the years I have read workplace or personal philosophies that are beautifully written but mean absolutely nothing. They contain all the 'right' terminology and cover what is 'trending' in their respective fields however when you look closely at the environment in which they were written for, it is obvious they do not mirror.

The Puzzles philosophy is as evolving as the people living by it. It is a continuous work in progress with all stakeholders contributing.
The Puzzle Philosophy is not a bunch of fancy words on an A4 laminated piece of paper hanging at the doorway; it is evident as soon as you step foot in the front gate. To quote a line from the 1997 Australian  movie "The Castle"
"It's the vibe of the thing".
The environment plays a critical part in the Puzzles Philosophy. The openness and connection to the natural world is its foundation where individual children's learning and families needs can be built on.
So in a nut shell what is the Puzzle Philosophy?
At Puzzles we all are afforded the opportunity "to be".
To be safe
To be respected
To be an individual
To be valued
To be supported
To be amazing
To be independent
To be a scholar
To be an explorer
To be an activist
To be a conservationist
To be an investigator
To be part of a community
To be heard
To be a decision maker
To be friends
To be an adventurer
To be a creator
To be inquisitive
To be a problem solver 
To be anything we want to be
To be who we are

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