Sunday, 8 February 2015

Professional Development can be fun too.

Ok so I hear you saying "I have to do a workshop on the weekend, I'm tired and I don't want to waste my weekend doing more work, its always the same stuff anyway and it costs me money".

I get it. I too have felt this way on many occasions however as professionals we need to ask ourselves why we need to do professional development in the first place.

Professional development enables you to:
-  keep up with current trends and legislative change
-  build on current knowledge and challenge your current views (reflection)
-  Ensures your practices reflect current policy in keeping clients, families and yourself safe from litigation.
- Network with other like-minded professionals
- Keep the passion alive. Let's face it we all need a hit of inspiration now and then.

I intend to find ways this year that not only satisfies workplace obligation of attending professional development but also ticks some of the items on my personal bucket list.

Who says PD's have to be conventional?
Who says they cannot be fun and quirky and make you glad you went?
Who says it cannot be incorporated into your personal life also; maybe even involve your own family?

I am going to find workshops and PD's that are left field and satisfy the adventurer in me and share them with you.
I intend to liaison with businesses that already offer valuable life experiences yet are not really geared for Early Childhood Education (but could easily be).

I found one such 'potential PD experience' this weekend.
I set sail on a 3hr Aboriginal Cultural Journey on-board a Tribal Warrior cruise with my daughter and two fellow educators, one with her family coming along as well. It was so interesting and relaxing. Through commentary we were told about the original inhabitants of Sydney Harbour including the Eora, Cadigal, Guringai, Wangal, Gammeraigal and Wallumedegal people. We then docked at Goat Island for a guided tour of its history and enjoyed and joined in an authentic Aboriginal cultural performance including dance and song and its significance.

Now that is what I call an enjoyable professional development opportunity. I took more away from the 3hr cruise than I would have sitting in a hall or convention centre and I was able to share the experience with friends and family.
So over the next few weeks I will investigate this opportunity and see if it can be modified to be offered as a PD opportunity for educators....and their families.

As educators we need to educate ourselves before we can begin to educate our children.
This is how conversations are started.


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