Thursday, 5 February 2015

From Humble Beginnings

I have had what could be described as an unusual life. You wouldn't believe most of it if I told you.

I was born the eldest child to Country Music singers who travelled the outback for most of the year. We lived a gypsy life. My father was a showman, my mother was amazing.
My cot or cradle was my father's guitar case and to wash my nappies my mother would put them in a metal garbage bin, add soap flakes and water, put the lid on tight and tie the bin between two cupboards inside the caravan. As we drove the motion washed.

So I guess my problem solving, 'think outside of the box' nature came from my mum.

We slept wherever the road ended and never stayed in a town long enough to make friends. I have even made a bedroom out of wooden crates by dividing a shearing shed room into sections and decorating it with whatever I could find in paddocks. But it was mine for the night.  I could cook a meal by seven years old and do the dishes.

 My brother and I were free. Free from conformity, free from restriction, free to roam and explore wherever we may have been at the time. I can only remember having one toy as a small child; a doll and I cut all her hair off so she looked like me. We played with whatever was handy.

We were explorers, adventures and amazing story tellers. We were independent, feisty, at times rebellious but mostly so very happy.  We visited parts of Australia that most will never see and for a long time I took that very much for granted. We even survived a cyclone.

I do not belong though. I have no home town or a group of school friends to grow old with (I went to 13 schools) but I am rich in other ways. I can relate to almost anyone, any class, age, race or religion. I have my parents to thank for this as they were such inclusive souls.

Unfortunately like so many, my parents' marriage ended and a new chapter in my life began.

I am settled these days with four wonderful children and seven grandchildren so far although every now and then I dream of buying a 5th Wheeler and hitting the road again. Maybe one day.

So from these humble beginnings is where I believe my emergent thinking was nurtured.

I am what they class as a jack of all trades but, master of none.
This is me in the Top End having a great time swimming with children

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