Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Shades of colour

I really love to come up with learning opportunities that are interesting and fun using quirky things. I usually dream them or daydream them. I know that sounds ridiculous but my brain seems to work that way.

I was sent a large bag of mixed sizes of white plastic doilies. I knew exactly what I would do with them as soon as I saw them.
I got to work and crocheted around the outside with a particular reason in mind- to investigate shades of colour.

There are two shades of each colour and a mat made up of the same; plus one 'odd 'one.

The intention behind the 'odd' one out is to promote conversation and challenge reason. Where does this circle belong and why?
What is the name of the colour?
Have you seen it before?
Which colour does it seem to be?
Throughout the matching process I watched as the 'odd' one was picked up, held over the mat, passed over the top, hovered above a few that seemed similar and then put back on the table; all without a word.
The rest of the circles were easily placed and then the process of finding the 'odd' ones home began again. After circumnavigating the mat and a heated debate as to why it didn't go in particular places the 'odd' one was placed on the table with an exasperated sigh.
"It just doesn't go here" was the flustered response. "It's not this blue or this blue" said the child indicating the two blues on the mat "but it is blue" she concluded.

Of course we then chatted about all the shades of blue we noticed around the environment and investigated their names.

The 'odd' one was still on the child's mind some time later and she asked me ever so nicely to make some more so it wouldn't be on its own.
So often I notice environments have the same shade of colour throughout. It's like it has been deliberately colour coded. 
What a shame that is. Colour is not defined by one shade but many.
The subtle and not so subtle changes in shades are what makes up the ambience of the world.


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