Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fruits of our Labour

Since we introduced our Permaculture program into Puzzles we have noticed the positive affects it is having on our little community.
The families have embraced the program and contribute to it as well by donating plants and also taking home the produce.
It has opened up so many conversations especially for the families that have made Australia their new home. They share stories of the foods they use to grow in their country and what dishes they use to make with them. I believe as we live in suburbia our little oasis here gives the families a sense of familiarity of what once was their way of life.
The children, while at first hesitant about getting dirty, are now right into tending the garden, feeding the worms and collecting the 'magical worm juice'. I never have to question twice on who would like to water the garden.
We have plans too.
A homemade water tank.
We want water in the sandpit but we do not want to waste water so we are going to design and construct an innovative water tank in the large tree that will ferry water from the rain down to the sandpit so the children can use it during play.
It's all very exciting and the learning possibilities are endless for the children.
It's time to get back to basics
Grow to live: Re-use to survive

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