Saturday, 15 August 2015

Enjoying our surrounds

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Outside play

The children love the outdoor environment. As soon as they arrive in the morning they are straight outside.

The following photos do not need words to explain the learning that is taking place. Children learn through play

Watering the plants is one of the children's favourite activities when we haven't had enough rain.

 The outside furniture is made from recycled materials and can be left outside in the elements

Wet weather clothing allows the children to explore outside even in winter

When we had the destructive hail storm this year a few homes owners in our area were told their trees needed to be cut down due to being unstable and posing a danger to the passing public. I came across one such owner and he kindly gave me all the cut up logs. We now use them in our outside environment

A nice cup of tea on a cold winters day

 One log was turned into a chalkboard

Old drawers are terrific for plantings vegetables in
 Strawberries grow wonderfully in bales of sugar cane mulch
 There is no greater play thing than a stick

 Bird watching
Checking to see how the vegetables are going
 Reaching for the clouds
 Digging in the dirt
 Problem solving (getting mud off shoes)
 Preparing the worm farm
 Cooking up a feast in the sandpit
 Car play in the converted compost box
 "How many worms can you find"?
 Small world play in a tyre filled with sand
Painting a masterpiece in the outdoor art gallery.

The Natural World is our  inspiration

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