Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Winter Warmers

Knitted Winter Warmers

Winter sure is coming in thick and fast here. I love the cosiness of the colder weather so when we are not outside (which is most of the day) I thought I'd make these little snugly slippers for the children to wear inside. 

I cannot make items following detailed patterns and I usually make it up as I go but a dear friend gave me this simple pattern that even I could do. The way I describe the steps is easy enough for even the newest knitter to follow. I mean basic. You can get really creative by selecting different  textures of  wool or making them various colours by changing wool colour throughout. The possibilities are endless.

Use 12 ply wool or 2x8ply and I am using Number 5 needles (only because they were the handiest at the time). This is knitted as one piece.

Cast on 21 st (small 2 to 3 yr. old)
knit 6 purl 1 knit 7 p1 knit 6 turn repeat keep repeating until you have done enough rows for the heal and the underside of the foot (you can just measure on a child's foot)
Then it is knit one purl 1 across the row turn and repeat the same (K1, P1) until the slipper is long enough once again measure on the child's foot (just be careful here depending on the number of stitches you have on, you may need to k2 at the start of the alternate row then p1 k1 etc.  to keep pattern true).

This is what it looks like as you knit it up.
The purl stitch you do in the first rows
 make the work have a turn up for sides
You are now ready to shape the toe end to finish
knit 2 together right across the next row (half amount of stitches left) 
Purl next row 
Next row k2 tog across row
Purl last row. 
With remaining stitches pull wool through and tighten (I use a crochet hook but you can thread wool through large needle to feed the wool through the hoops.
Thread wool through remaining
stitches and pull tight





The number of stitches you have dictates how high the sides go up the ankle and then you just knit the length you need. So if you want a higher slipper cast on more stitches.
Babies I do 18 stitches (K5 p1 k6 p1 k5)
2-3yr old 21 stitches (k6 p1 k7 p1 k6)
4 yr old I do 24 stitches ( k7 p1 k8 p1 k7) 
Ladies I do 27 (k8 p1 k9 p1 k8)
Men’s 30st ( k9 p1 k10 p1 k9)

Inside out sew up from the toe to the ankle
(till you get to the heel part)

The middle stitches just need to be one more than the outer ones so you can play around to find the size you want
Below are photos of how to sew the slipper up.
You cannot make a mistake really they are so very easy.
Experiment and have fun with them.
Stay warm :)


This is how to stitch the heel up
stitch inside out
when you turn it the right way
you will see how it sits like a heel







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