Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Gourmet Drawers

Gourmet Drawers
I really cannot stand waste.
I drive around the streets of Western Sydney suburbs and I want to cry. The amount of 'stuff' on the side of the road could furnish homes for hundreds of homeless people and yet it is discarded, left to the elements and becomes in some instances landfill.
We have become such a disposable society.
Well it is time to stop.
Think before you discard
Ring organisations that could give your unwanted goods to someone in need.
Reuse, re-purpose, recycle, up-cycle, use your imagination, get inspired and be inspiring

Over time I have collected many many drawers off the side of the road and also the families here actually collect them too for us.
Drawers are amazingly versatile. We use them here at Puzzles as inside sandboxes, to hold small worlds, as storage boxes that can be pushed under the bench and now we will use them outside in our garden.

 At first I was worried that the base would  eventually rot but then realisation hit me. That's ok if it does as it will dissolve and become more of a compost especially if the base is soft ply board but the sides will still be strong enough as a border for the soil. My reasoning is it will take a long time to happen and in that time the drawer has had a second life and helped to produce foods for life. Win win.
Another benefit of using drawers is they are movable. You will be able to see where the best position is in your garden for the planter box and move it easily.

As they are small  the children will have easy access to water, weed, mulch and harvest.
The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination.
Gardens grow inside too; maybe that is an option if you are short on outdoor space.

Get back to basics- Grow to live; Re-use to prolong life;
Keep it green to smell the roses

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