Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Story Stones and more

Use blocks
 How many times have you had to go to training when you really didn't feel like it? Lets face it after working all day who wants to go outside of a night in the cold especially a week night?
I for one want to snuggle up in my flannies, dressing gown and slippers with a cuppa and my crocheting. However I squeezed myself into jeans to look reasonably presentable, trudged to the car, stopped off at a servo for a coffee and turned up at the training on the value of Story Stones.

Stones to go with favourite books

And I'm glad I did. It was fantastic, inspiring, fun, but most of all I was able to meet, laugh and enjoy adult company which I might add I lack considerably due to being a Family Day Care Educator.
The presenters put so much effort into setting up examples that you couldn't help but be inspired and excited to try your hand at making them yourself.
Of course me being me had to take photos of all the displays and asked if I could put them on my Face Book page which they gave their permission. So now I am sharing here in the hope they will inspire you too.
The idea is to use natural, recycled, offcuts or just about anything to make props for children to create stories. The ideas are endless.
I am not saying too much more about them as I will let the photos tell the story.

Symbols tell amazing stories
I will add the most exciting part of the night was at the end we could buy a mystery box. The boxes were taped up so we had no idea what was in them only that they contained items we could use to make our own Story Stones. I bought four boxes. I was like a kid choosing a lucky dip at the show.
Feeling very inspired now to create a variety of Story Stones but I must remember they are for the children, they are for the children, they are for the children.

Human bodies - all shapes and sizes

Use wooden cookies

My favourite- Space
Dinosaur world
Small world

Rock people

Use coasters from the Op Shop

Coasters again with pictures glued on

Mystery boxes

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