Thursday, 26 March 2015

From Slip mat to Play mat

I am always looking for something quick and easy to create especially if it's re-purposing something.
This is an easy project if you can crochet or not. As you can see I did crochet this particular mat but you could easily make it by weaving the wool through the squares.
The idea is to make a play mat with a particular scene on it. This one is for 'Under the sea' but I can visualise an array of different mats including 'Outback Australia', Jungle, Forrest, Fairy Garden, Space, and a 'Winter Wonderland'. The possibilities are endless.
Use your own imagination. 

First you need to purchase a non-slip mat that they use under rugs. They are cheap as chips to buy and are rubbery and flexible. I found them at POCO for $6.00 each.
Then you need to decide what scene you want to make. If you are not confident to just create as you  are going along you can draw the scene on the mat first using a black marker (hint: put paper under it otherwise you will have your little scene depicted in dots on the floor or table).
Select the colours that relate to your theme. As mine was 'Under the sea' I went with colours relating to that from the sand to the water.

Folds up easily for storage
If you are crocheting it is really easy to do. Using double stitch just go into each square and secure the stitch to the top of the square just like you would on normal crochet work and work along the row. You cannot make a mistake. Change colours where you have decided the scene needs it. For example I used several colours for the sand just to give it texture as sand isn't always the same colour. Also for the water I made sure as my work grew the colours darkened to represent depth.

Underneath the finished play mat
Finish off by crocheting right around the outside to give it strength and so it sits flat.
Just to add to the look I chain stitched waves on top of the already finished piece.

You now have a durable non-slip play mat.
Now to start the 'Australian Outback' which is four times the size :)

'Under the Sea'